Negative reviews of Bovegas Casino

Playing in an unfamiliar casino can be compared to having sex with a stranger – you never know how this adventure will end. Everything can end well, and there will be pleasant memories, or maybe quite the opposite. What bouquet of problems can you get? A stranger’s soul is darkened. I guess you can say the same about a strange casino. Today we have negative reviews of the Bovada casino on the agenda. I wonder what can attract a casino with this name? But somebody got caught! More informations at Canadian Casino Review.

all the stories about Bovegas Casino are from open sources,

  • story 1: delayed payment of half the winnings from $16,000,
  • story 2: there’s still no bank transfer for $9,500,
  • story 3: glitches the Goldenman slot software,

the conclusion and advice where you can play without cheating and fraudulent casinos.

Negative reviews of Bovegas Casino

Below we have posted three negative reviews of Bovegas Casino. The information is real and taken from open sources on the Internet. We have translated not all the complaints about the activities of the operator, but only those that clearly describe the problems that can face every gambler.

Delayed payment of half of the winnings from $ 16,000

One of the players was unlucky when he decided to request the withdrawal of the winnings by bank transfer on September 25, 2015. He received half of the amount on October 2. He should have received the rest on October 8th, but he still has not received it.

He provided Bovegas Casino with a bank application to prove his point, hoping that the matter would be resolved soon. But it was already a few “5-10 working days” and there was no money or answer.

Still no bank transfer for $9,500

Friday 13th November 2015 was clearly an unlucky day for another Bovegas casino player. On October 25th he won $10,000. Until the 29th he waited for confirmation from the bank and received a reply that the approved transfer amount was $9,500. Then the letter he received said that the money was on its way to him. To this day, however, the money has not been credited to his account. He’s been calling and writing to support all week. This lasted 10 working days, and on November 13 he received a letter that the transfer would take place next week. The player called support and was told that the money was already in the bank, but he had to wait no longer than 48 hours.

The client is outraged and doesn’t understand how such a low level of service can be with so much money being spent at the casino.

The Goldenman slot software is glitching

October 29, 2015 another player said that the Goldenman slot has a bonus game where the player can make a choice. According to the rules of the video slot, when 3 “picks” fall out, you will be rewarded if the fourth fall out. At least 3 “picks” fall out, and the slot machine has never allowed you to bet on the fourth. After that the client stopped the game and contacted the casino support.

This may seem like a small problem, but he believes that during the bonus game could have received a solid win. At the end of that session he lost a total of $ 270. That was almost a month ago, but the player is still waiting for the results of the technical support investigation regarding his case. The casino offered him a $100 bonus and claims that it was a worthy compensation. And the machine was never repaired.

Where to play?

Here are such reviews and comments of players about Bovegas casino. People find some unknown casinos with inaudible software and, of course, as a result, have problems that result in the loss of time and money. So play only on tried and tested gaming sites that we’ve put together for you all in one place and even ranked your bonuses and popularity with other players. Choose from the description, carefully read the agreement, try free games on our site and let you be lucky!

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